Bharat Sevashram Sangha West

The Bharat Sevashram Sangha West
5600 Carbon Canyon Road, Brea, CA 92823
Phone: 714-494-4531, Skype: bsspmaharaj

Founder: Acharya Sreemat Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj
International Head Office: 211 Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata 700019, India +91-33-24405178


We Stand For

Service of humanity,
irrespective of caste,
or national origin

Moral & spiritual

Spread of moral,
spiritual and
physical education

Study of Hinduism,
Hindu culture & heritage

Teaching of yoga and
health science subjects

Education through
moral and spiritual

Activities and Events

1. Network for Kids
2. Medical advise
3. Weddings
4. Upanayan
5. Community Events
and Puja
6. Spiritual Classes
7. Youth Classes
and Youth Camp
8. Language Classes
9. Soup Kitchen
6. Music and Dance

Founder of Noble Organization
The Bharat Sevashram Sangha (BSS)


The Sangha Lord, the great operator of this universe has descended on the earth as the Sangha-Lord (Organiser of the Sangha). Clad in human body has manifested himself in this world as the Jagat-Guru out of boundless love and mercy for the created beings with a view to lead India and whole world in the path of universal emancipation and declares - I have again come down here as the spiritual leader. Oh thirsty afflicted and aggrieved! Take shelter in me. Don't be afraid, perturbed and distressed; I shall lift you up from all sins and crimes. Come to me.

The Acharya started his spiritual career definitely with a nation-building programme backed by Divine inspiration and power. Ever since 1916, he proceeded with his task step by step first by building up, under his special guidance and inspiration, the life of youth who had deidicated their lives to this great cause; then by co-ordinating all the elements and incorporating them into a powerful unitary force of the Sangha; and finally by unfolding and transmitting this spiritual force in successive stages of constructive activities in close conformity with the growing life of the nation and its requirements. He was of building up a powerfull nation on spiritual vitalism and it was his creed that such a nation alone could make its spritual message heard among the nation of the earth. Here is the 'Universal' aspect of his spiritual programme; and the work of the Sangha has been fast developing on lines laid down by him. Thus though all his written records viz. life-building, Sangha-building and nation-building is successive sage recieves greater emphasis and is dwelt with in fuller details with the growth of the Sangha and its activities.

About BSS West

Bharat Sevashram Sangha West-California chapter was founded in June 2004 and was operating an Ashram at Riverside through May 2011.

Due to the public demand we now moved to a new location in Orange County, Brea (5600 Carbon Canyon Road). Tranquility, beautiful, scenic and unique—can hardly describe the magnificence of our Orange County, Brea Bharat Sevashram Sangha Temple. It is here that one seems separated from the rest of the world similar like “Rishikesh” in India. Apparently this temple location is one of the most beautiful place in Southern California. Please come, join and take a tour to experience the solitary beauty, exotic landscape, spectacular and beautiful sites. Natural beauty, mountains and forests makes it one of the most stunning places.

People in this part of Southern California can reach our Orange County, Brea Temple easily. It’s a quiet place with abundant parking available even on the weekends. The neighborhood is welcoming and safe. The Temple is now a place of great divine beauty and peace. It is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a great place for people looking for a powerful escape from everyday demanding life and divulge it’s panoramic beauty.

To summarize in short, our Orange County, Brea BSSW Ashram is a swell destination. This Ashram is not just a place for worship, but also a center of learning. It’s specific purpose will be to create, assist and foster spiritual, moral and cultural heritage of India through teachings. The BSS-West objective is to establish a spiritual brotherhood among Hindus and other communities living in Southern California. To discover the self within, one must periodically foster selfless, non-sectarian, non-communal and non-political service to humanity.

Just like the parent BSS, BSS-West is registered under Sec 503(c), non-profit, socio-cultural, religion, educational & philanthropic organization.

BSS-West will not merely serve as a place of worship and service, but also act as a place for learning Hindu religion, culture, history and traditions.

Service to suffering humanity is the motto of the Sangha. As such every one should be ever ready for the same. Don't wish to play the role of master. One who is prepared to serve all is the real leader.He who sacrifises for others, becomes the leader himself. Give up desire for dictatorship and take up duty of serving others,this is the sure way to draw love and respect of all. Obedience to the supirior mutual love and respect, sincere modesty and boundless paitence above all, magnanimity and purity of heart; these are the desired and salutary virtue for the Sangha-brethren. All members well-wishers, volunteers and devotees strictly have to follow this rule to get blessings and betterment for the community work.


Resident Monk Minister H.H Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj

The presiding Monk Minister is H.H Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj. At the age of 90, he has been with the Bharat Sevashram Sangha for over 68 years. He is one of the most senior monks of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha worldwide. He is also the chairman, director, and principal coordinator and chief official representative of all overseas branches of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha.He dedicated his whole life for the betterment of the society selflessly. You may contact him directly at 714-494-4531(Ashram) or 847-946-0534 (Cell).

We Need Blessings

We will fail to trace out right path, when we are baffled and find no objective in life, when we lose our way in the dark of deepest forest than, who show us the way? In those bad days the stars and planets throw the light from atop. We ultimately find our track as they blink.

When, in the endless ocean, the ship gets lost, when the boat meets the turmoils of the rough weather who guides them? The light house, although mum in its appearence, sends message in all its vivid brightness, saying "Do not come here, water is shallow here and the rocks just hiding beneath, may destroy you.

Exactly in the same way , the great men with their solemn words of speech, with their profound valued thoughts and benevolent guidance help us to move forward. They enlighen us with their knowledge. As an artist, with bursh, color and magic touch, puts life into an imaginative outline.


When ever the lord of the universe descends on this earth as an Acharay (World Teacher) for the welfare of the world, a mighty wave of spiritual power arises around that great dynamic personality and spreads speedily on all sides, fortunates are they who taste the necter of universal imancipation, being cryed on by and immersed in that mighty spritual deluge.

In some ear marked and ever pure human souls that divine inspiriation and great spritual power are reflected and reserved, they are the veritable life of the Sangha. It is only they with whome the sangha is built up, they are piller of sangha structure.As a "OM" is the seed and origin of all sounds in the universe, so self sacrifice, self control, truth and Bramhacharya (Continence) derived from synthesis of all higher ideals are then unique and universal ideal of this great Sangha that can lead the humanity towards higher emancipation.

The Sangha sends its clarion call to the people of India and world the humanity at large irrespective of class and creed to come forward and rally under the banner of the Sangha for greater emancipation, individual, social and national.Mankind irrespective of kreed faith and vocations - rich and a poor , house-holder or Sannyasi, if they, by any means directly or indirectly, come in contact with the Sangha-Lord, Sangha-Shakti or Shangha activities, their ideals and knowledge will evolve most speedily and will lead them to the path of salvation and immortal bliss.


Sangha Bani

1.What is Goal?
Self Realisation
Universal Emancipation

2. What is Religion?
Adherence to truth & Confidence

3. What is real death?
Forgetfulness of the ‘Self’

4. What is real Life?
Self Realization
Self-Remembrance & Self-Consciousness

5. What are real Virtues?
Aspiration for Emancipation

6. What are real Sins?
Fear (Defeatism)
Meanness & Selfishness

7. What are real Sources?

8. What are real assets?
Self Reliance & Self Respect

9. What are real enemies?
Lustful senses & Passions

10. What are real friends?
Enthusiasm & Perseverance